Cemetery Regulations

          Many cemeteries have regulations regarding what style and size memorial you may place on your grave plot. Some cemeteries may restrict the choice of material that the marker can be made of (granite or bronze). Most cemeteries will regulate which way the marker must face and on which end of the grave the marker must be placed. Due to the increasing number of people burying multiple cremains in a single grave, cemeteries also regulate how many markers may be placed on a single grave.

          It is important to know if the memorial of your choice is allowed on your burial lots. If you have not checked with your cemetery to find out their restrictions, you need to. Important questions to ask are:

-Are all memorial styles permitted?
-Is there a size limit or restriction?
-Is there a maximum length, width, height of monuments?
-Is a setting fee required?
-Are there foundation requirements?
-Must we notify a cemetery official prior to installation?

Once you know your cemetery’s regulations you need to determine which style of marker is right for you.